Free MusEdit Viewer


Free MusEdit Viewer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP, self-extracting:

MusEdit_Viewer-Setup.exe - MusEdit Viewer package for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP (click on the link to download).

This viewer package contains the free MusEdit Viewer, a program which will enable anyone to view, do audio playback, and print MusEdit scores. The package also includes a few samples, some dll files needed for printing and MIDI playback, and instructions.
(680K, about 3 minutes to download at 56K)


How to Use the MusEdit Viewer

The MusEdit Viewer is a tool to allow music scores written with the MusEdit notation software to be viewed, played as MIDI, and printed out. The Viewer does not have any capabilities for editing the scores.

1) How to Install

1) Click on the link above to download the MusEdit_Viewer-Setup.exe file. Remember where the file is saved (in a "Downloads" folder perhaps) because after the download is finished you will have to double click on the MusEdit_Viewer-Setup.exe file.

The MusEdit Viewer is installed with the setup file called MusEdit_Viewer-Setup.exe. Double clicking on this file will cause all the necessary files for the MusEdit viewer to be installed on your hard drive in a folder called:

C:\Program Files\MusEdit Viewer

The files installed in this folder will be:

MusEdit_Viewer.exe - the actual viewer program

MxMidi32.dll - three files which enable the Viewer to play scores as MIDI sound
MxMidi95.dll    - sample MusEdit scores to view, print, or play as MIDI sound.         (These can be discarded if you wish)
and other samples

plus a copy of this instruction file.

2) How to Remove

To remove the MusEdit Viewer, go to: Start Menu | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs and select MusEdit Viewer from the list, then click on the Uninstall button.

3) How to Use

After you have extracted the Viewer files onto your system you should find a shortcut to the MusEdit Viewer on your desktop, or you can go to the C:\Program Files\MusEdit Viewer folder and find the MusEdit_Viewer file. If you double click on this icon the Viewer will start. You can then use the File|Open command (or click on the open folder icon) to open MusEdit files, or you can simply drag MusEdit files onto the MusEdit_Viewer icon, or the open MusEdit_Viewer window.

MIDI Playback: If you try to play the score as MIDI but you don't hear anything you may have to select a different "MIDI Output Device" To do this, open a MusEdit sample, then go to the MIDI menu, choose "MIDI Output Device..." and select something with the word "Synthesis" or "Synthesizer" (such as "FM Synthesis").


The MusEdit Viewer may be freely copied, distributed,

or posted on web sites without any restriction.


About MusEdit

MusEdit is a very powerful, yet reasonably priced (only $79!) music notation program which is especially useful for guitar, bass, and other stringed instrument players. MusEdit enables you to edit tablature, treble, bass, and many other kinds of music, including chords and chord diagrams and rhythm notation. You can also enter text practically anywhere in your score, in any font available on your system. The built in chord dictionary has nearly 9,000 chords to choose from, or you can design any chord diagram in any tuning, with four, five or six strings.

If you would like to learn more about MusEdit you should check out the MusEdit web site at:

MusEdit Web Site

There you will find many more details about the MusEdit program, you can download a demo with all the features of the program (only the ability to save files has been disabled), and you can even order MusEdit online.



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