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    Thousands of people in over 40 different countries are now using MusEdit, and they are creating or arranging music scores in many different styles. This page is going to serve as a common area where people can share their work by having it posted for free download from this location.  Please see the "Notes" below for more info about music in the library.

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Tip: Most MusEdit scores are saved with no spaces in the name.  For example, "Up On The Roof" will probably be saved as .   For this reason, when you search for the title of a song try searching for the title (or part of it) with no spaces between the words.

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Rock - all kinds of Rock music - 50's, 60's, 70's, etc.
Blues - Mississippi John Hurt, Bill Broozney, etc.
Classical - Bach, Beethoven, etc.
Classical Guitar - Sor, Giuliani, Tarrega, etc.
Jazz - including Ragtime
Folk & Traditional - Doc Watson, Pete Seeger, Kottke, Jigs, Irish, Renaissance, etc.
Fingerstyle (emphasis) - Pieces with a lot of fingerpicking
Alternate Tunings - Tab for alternate tunings such as Slack Key, other Hawaiian, etc.
Bass - Bass guitar notation and tab
Alternate Instruments - Tab for Mandolin, Banjo, etc.
Piano - Piano notation samples - classical, ragtime
Drum Notation Samples - Drum notation samples, reference info,
Foreign - Foreign music, foreign national anthems, etc.
Christian - music with Christian themes
Christmas Music - Silent Night, and other Christmas classics
Teaching - Examples using MusEdit for preparing teaching materials
Reference Info - Chords, Alternate tuning chords, exercises, riffs, bass runs, etc.
Miscellaneous - eg. Movie Themes, national anthem

Notes About the MusEdit Music Library:

A typical MusEdit Library entry looks like this:

1:   RevGDavis-TheresADestruction - Rev. Gary Davis (Quick View)
2:   Size: 16896 Bytes
3:   Subm by: J. Kingsley
4:   Summary: 16K, Drop D tuning, 10 Chord + Treble + Tab lines.
5:   Info From Score: There's a Destruction; Rev. Gary Davis Arr. By Eric Lugosch; Drop D tuning;
6:   Descrip: One of Rev. Gary Davis' "holy blues." Arr. by Eric Lugosch.

1) a):
The filename (without .med at the end) is a hyperlink.  To download the MusEdit file you can often simply click on this link and it will begin to download, but a safer way to do the download is by Right-clicking on the filename, then choose "Save Target As...", and then choose a location on your computer where you want to save the MusEdit score.  If you're not sure where the file was saved after the download is complete, try using Windows "Find" feature by double-clicking on "My Computer", then hitting the "F3" key on your keyboard, and then enter the name of the .med file. 

NOTE: Sometimes when a MusEdit score is downloaded the browser may save the file with the ending .exe or .com, in which case MusEdit will not be able to open it. Make sure the filename ends in .med (change it if necessary) when saving the file or before trying to open the file with MusEdit.

1) b): If the author's name is provided or can be easily determined from the MusEdit score it will follow the file name

1) c): If you click on "Quick View" (if available) you will get a screen shot of the top few lines of the score so you can get an idea what it looks like before downloading it.  This isn't an image of the whole score, it's just a piece so you can see the quality and style of the score.

2) Size: the size of the score in bytes ( 16896 Bytes is approximately 17 KBytes )

3) Subm by: (if available) The person who created and/or sent the MusEdit score for the library.

4) Summary: (if available) A brief summary of some key characteristics of this score, such as what lines types it has, what tuning it is in, how many lines long it is, etc. 

5) Info From Score: All MusEdit scores are scanned for text information which might be useful, such as the title, who wrote or arranged it, and other text which can be found before the start of the music.  Some of this info might be a bit scattered or contain typos - this is because it is a raw, unedited computer scan of text at the start of the score.

6) Descrip: (if available) If the person who sent the score added a detailed description or extra notes along with the score they will be included here.

Notes about MusEdit scores in the library:

1) The quality of scores in the library varies from rough sketches to publication quality.  Click on Quick View (if available) to get an idea of the quality to see if it meets your needs.

2) Several common errors people make when creating MusEdit scores are:

a) When treble is translated to Tab it might result in two separate, unconnected lines, so that during Midi playback you will first hear the treble line, then the same music played as Tab.  There are two ways to avoid this playback problem: hide either the treble or the tab line before doing playback, or else join the treble and tab lines into a group so they play together.

b) If the lines of music are all jammed too close together you should insert blank text lines between the staffs to space out the music better.

c) If there are problems during Midi playback, such as playback speeding up or slowing down for no apparent reason, please check the score for possible sources of Midi playback problems.




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