How to set up and do mutual ("on the fly") translation  

    This example sets up a Treble - Tab pair so entering music in one line automatically enters appropriate music into the other line ("mutual translation"):

1) Position the caret at the place where you want the Treble-Tab pair to be inserted, then click on the "Insert Line Group" button (or hit Ctrl+Shift+G).  (This Treble-Tab pair is a small "line group").

2) The "Line Group" dialog will appear with Treble, and Tab lines pre-selected, and already checked to enable mutual translation, as shown below.  Modify the settings if you want to set up a different kind of line group:


3) The pair will now appear in the document.  Entering notes in the top line will automatically enter Tab fingering into the bottom line, -or- entering tab fingering in the bottom line will enter notes at the proper location in the top line.  See pg. 119 in the manual to learn how to set note values (eg. quarter or half notes) in a Tab line so that the translated notes in the treble line will have the proper values.

Mutual translation can be set up among several different line types, and more than two lines can be mutually translating at the same time.  See your MusEdit manual (pg. 157-159) for more details.