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Details About Personal Archiving

How Archiving works

These are the general steps involved in creating and then using a personal archive:

Information gathering


Creating a Narrative/History (all optional)

Computer Tutoring (if necessary)

Once a person's life has been archived, the archive needs to be easy to access and browse, and easy to let others (family members and friends) view. Because not everyone is familiar with the lastest technology (Windows and Mac computers, iPads and other tablets, and smartphones) and software (browsers, social networking, etc.) the PersonalArchivist team is happy to provide tutoring to simplify all of these things. These tutorials include: For estimates of what these steps may cost, please see Services and Cost

The Team

Doug Rogers

Doug was born in North Bay, Ontraio in July, 1957. His father was in the Royal Canadian Air Force, which meant his family moved around a lot, living in Ontario, England, France, and British Columbia. That lifestyle in his youth resulted in a lifelong habit of changing where he lives: Victoria, Vancouver, Berkeley (California), Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, other parts of California, Utah, and even Paris for a while. And in between all of those places he called home he also managed to visit over 50 countries - 24 during a bicycle tour of the world, and the rest on other trips and adventures.

This lifestyle led to a fascination with personal archiving for two reasons:

In fact, personal archiving held such fascination for Doug that from 2004 - 2006 he and another software developer spent over two years and $250,000 creating a software application called "P.Bio - Your personal biographer". It created a timeline of the user's life based on data from photos, credit card and phone records (used to record purchases and conversations, and to track location - this was before GPS devices), email, social networking, and other archives from the user's life. Unfortunately it wasn't successful as a commercial product.

When Doug wasn't busy travelling and archiving he worked as an engineer for NASA, a software developer, and an internet entrepreneur (mainly in Vietnam).

Rachid Khaneboubi

Rachid's specialties are working with video and composing original music. He has combined these two talents to create video biographies documenting his family origins in Morocco. He works with our clients' archival data to create video narratives in different styles - chronological, family history, passions and adventures, etc.