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P.Bio - User Comments

"I've always regretted not keeping a diary when I'm travelling and I always say I'll catch up when I get back - but I usually don't. P.Bio solves all that. Now it's fun to review my trip later and fill in the journal with a few extra details." - John Vallerga, Oakland, CA

"This sounds crazy, but P.Bio actually makes me want to do more fun things because I want my P.Bio to be interesting!" - Jacqueline Talbot-Kelly, Seattle, WA

"I take so many pictures with my digital camera, but I'd almost never look at them. Now whenever I have a few spare minutes I start up P.Bio, look at the calendar, and check out the days with the most stuff. Then it's fun to browse to the next day, then the next..." - Jennifer Fazio, Cleveland, OH

"It's cool to think that every time I buy something I'm also logging where I am. I try not to use cash any more because it's so fun to see my purchases show up in my P.Bio!" - Katherine Xiao, El Cerrito, CA

"I carry my camera with me all the time now because I hate it when I have a day with no 'Picture of the Day' in my P.Bio" - Joanne Merrell, Daytona Beach, FL

"For me the most convenient thing is to be able to see all of my social networking stuff in one shot. Some days I just don't want to log in to every site just to check for messages" - Barry Welsh, Pleasant Hill, CA

"To be honest, I only use it for my pictures and a note or two about each day. But it is wonderful to be able to just jump to a day to see the pictures! I hardly ever looked at my pictures before..." - Peggy Leost, Victoria B.C.