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P.Bio - Overview

P.Bio - A Simple Yet Revolutionary Concept

   These are such busy times, with so much going on every day, that it can be pretty tough to remember what happened even a week or two ago - let alone last year. But sometimes you do want to remember those things! What was that good Italian restaurant you went to last month? Did you call your friend on her birthday three weeks ago? Can you find the digital pictures you took on July 4th? P.Bio answers these questions for you by automatically logging key events for each day, such as who you talked to, where you bought things, and the digital pictures you took.

   With P.Bio you'd simply jump to the day you went out for dinner with your friend and you were at the Mona Lisa restaurant. You can go to that day your friend had her birthday (or browse the week if you're not sure of the exact day) and you'd see the call you made. Enter "7/4/2007" into your P.Bio and you'll see the pictures you took - just like that!

   If you like to write a diary or keep a journal, P.Bio is the perfect tool for you because knowing a single fact about a day from a week or a month ago will usually be enough to help you remember most of what happened that day. P.Bio provides those facts for you automatically.

   P.Bio is also a great tool for recording many other kinds of events in your life, such as dinner recipes, kids progress in school, the clothes you wore each day, and nearly anything else. P.Bio can't track these things automatically the way it tracks purchases, contacts, and pictures, but it makes it easy to enter them manually, and it provides a timeline of your life for reference.

How does P.Bio work?

   P.Bio scans your computer for pictures, e-mail, and other information about your daily activities. If you wish, P.Bio will also connect to online sources of information about your past, such as your phone records, your social networking sites (such as MySpace), and your online bank statements (to see where you were when you made a purchase or used an ATM machine).

   All of this online searching is entirely optional, but if you are comfortable with things like online banking then you should feel comfortable with P.Bio since it is doing the same thing you would do - but more quickly and automatically. And because everyone is concerned about security these days, P.Bio has been designed using the very latest software security features, such as very sophisticated encryption to protect all of your personal, sensitive information.

Who is it for?

   P.Bio will appeal to anyone who wants to know what they did on any day of their life - in other words, nearly everyone. But in particular, is the perfect accessory for the "MySpace" generation - people who are comfortable with digital technology and are very interested in their own daily activities.

   Social networking sites let you know know what other people are doing every day; P.Bio complements that perfectly by enabling you to easily find out you have been doing from day to day.

So why not give it a try?

   For a one time cost less than a typical monthly cell phone bill P.Bio will be "writing your biography" for the rest of your life! Just imagine how interesting it will be to look back on your life five or ten years from now. For most people their past evaporates away as though it never happened... with P.Bio that won't happen for you!