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P.Bio - Features

Creates a diary/timeline of your life automatically - without the need for any manual entries.

Makes it easy to find digital photos. No more searching through folders for pictures with cryptic names - just go to the day when you took the pictures.

Multiple levels of security to assure safety and privacy

Not web-based, both for security and so you can view your personal history any time, any place even without an internet connection (a connection is only needed for occasional refreshes)

Powerful search feature to find people, places, and other items from your life history

Over thirty different themes ranging from from simple to dazzling

Quite easy to create your own themes

Create custom panels to track any aspect of your life

Provides summaries of the people you know, your purchases, your pictures, and where you have been

Mapping of where you were, friends addresses, other events

Collect all social networking info in one place - no need to log in to multiple sites daily.

Write your journal in any font, with embeded images and drawings

Runs on PC and Mac

Easily view and edit your photos

Overview calendar shows your life activity at a glance

Free downloadable upgrades

Printed manual

Only $49.95