Working with mutual translation (auto-translation / entry )

Here are some mutual translation tips (mainly regarding treble-tab mutual translation):

1) If you have both treble and tab versions of the music available, it's easier to enter the treble and let the tab be generated by mutual translation.

2) When you enter treble music the tab version is generated

3) If the treble is translated to tab on a different string than you were planning on, it is quite easy to shift the tab to a different string, but keep the same tone: 
right-click or use the arrow keys to move the caret (the blinking insertion marker) immediately to the left of the tab digit you want to move
hold Shift+Alt+Ctrl keys down together (tip to remember this key combination: you want to "Shift" the fingering to an "Alternate" string while "Controlling" the tone so it doesn't change)
hit the up or down arrow key on the keyboard to move the tab to a different string

   - if you try to shift to a string which cannot play the tone (for example, you can't play a low C note on the highest E string) a "beep" will sound because you can't move the fingering to that string

   - you won't be able to shift the fingering to a string which already has a fingering, or any other symbol either - the string has to be empty at that chord position

   - this kind of string shifting works for Tab for any instrument, in any tuning

   - you won't see any change in the treble note position because with this kind of Tab shift the tone does not change, so the treble note won't change either