How to make some chord diagrams "permanently visible"

In many musical scores chord diagrams for all the chords used in a score are shown at the top of the score while only chord names are shown within the score.  In MusEdit toggling   or View|Selected Line Types|Chord Diagrams will usually show or hide all the chord diagrams in a document, but it is possible to make some lines of chord diagrams "premanently visible" so the chord diagrams for some lines will stay visible even if "Show Chord Diagrams" is toggled off.  Here's how...

1) Select the chord line whose diagrams are to be made "permanently visible" by putting the caret in the target line, or else select several lines by hitting Shift+Down Arrow.

2) With the line selected, choose View|Line Appearance|Chord, Tab, and Rhythm Line Appearance...

3) When the dialog appears, check the box for "Chord diagrams in current or selected line(s) should be:", and then choose "Always visible, even when 'hide diagrams' is checked".  Hit OK.

To turn off this option for a chord line, select "Hidden when 'hide diagrams' is checked".

Tip: It's handy to use "Split Windows" with chord diagrams visible in the top part of the window and only chord names visible in the bottom.  It is even possible to activate scrolling for the bottom half of a split window while leaving the chord diagrams visible in the top half.