Inserting Pictures and Sounds In MusEdit Scores

Images, sounds, midi files, and other objects can be inserted directly into MusEdit scores!

Here's an example, along with instructions on how it is done:



   Here's an example of how this might be useful... Perhaps you would like to put a small publicity photo or a company logo at the top of each score you create:

( )


... or perhaps you want to make a musical postcard for your sweetie:

( )


Here's the flower image from the score above for you to download and try inserting into a MusEdit score yourself:

Right-click on the flower image, then choose "Save Image As..." from the menu

Save it on your computer

After it has downloaded, open the image with Windows Paint program

In Paint, do Edit | Select All

Run MusEdit, open a MusEdit score, click where you want to insert the image, then do Edit | Paste to insert the image into your score

NOTE: The photographic image in the score above was originally a "jpeg" image, but the insertion technique only works with bitmaps (.bmp files), so you need to convert it to a bitmap file before doing the selection, copy, and paste.


Here's another example, with two inserted images:

( )


    Here's an example with an embedded musical sample, along with an attempt to do a Tab transcription of the riff in the sample.  MusEdit helps you do this transcription because you can double-click on the sound to hear it, and then do Midi playback of your score to hear how close your transcription is to the real thing :

( )