Entering Musical Symbols With No Staff Present

    Sometimes you might want to enter musical symbols but you don't want the staff or treble clef to be visible.  Here's how you can do it:

Enter a "No Clef" line via Insert | Other Staff Lines | No Clef (Shift+Alt+K)

Right-click in the No Clef line, then go to Actions | Set Staff Length

Set the "User set" length to 0.  At the bottom of the line length dialog make sure you have the correct range checked (ie. current line only, or all lines in the score) hit OK.

Enter musical symbols in the invisible staff.  All the usual rules of entering music in a staff apply, but you just can't see the staff.

Hit Enter at the end of the staff to create another invisible staff below the current one if you need it.

Here is an example of music entered into invisible staff (with labels entered into text lines between each invisible staff):

( AllMusEditSymbols-ByCategory.med )