Entering String Numbers and Barre Notation

1) To enter a string number (a number in a circle):
    - right-click where you want this symbol to appear
    - hit the number key on your keyboard for the string number ( "3" for example )
    - hold down the Shift+Alt keys (memory tip: you want to "Shift" the symbol to
         an "Alternate" position = Shift+Alt), then hit the up/down/left/right arrow 
         keys to shift the number to the exact location you want
    - hit the @ key to put a circle around the number
    - if you nudged the number to a different location, hold the Shift+Alt keys down
           and hit the up/down/left/right keys to move the circle around the number

2) To enter a Barre bracket:
    - select the notes to be affected by the barre by dragging the mouse over them
    - click on the "Insert Bracket" button

    - select the type of bracket you want, and enter the barre phrase in the text box.  If you wish, you can also change the font of the bracket text by hitting the "Font..." button.

    -after entering the Barre notation bracket it can easily be moved to a different location by right-clicking on it once, then dragging it to a nearby location.  It is also easy to change the bracket type and the text by double-clicking on the bracket - this will reopen the bracket dialog so you can change things.


    Here are examples of string numbers and barre notation, also pointing out how these details are handled during translation to Tab:

String Numbering and Barre Notation:      

( RecognitionOfStringNumberingWhenTranslatingToTab.med )


String Numbering:

( FingeringAndStringNumbering.med )