How to enter alternate note styles (strum, muted, harmonic, square, etc.)

    When you first enter notes or fret numbers on staff lines in a new document the default note style is "normal notes" on treble and bass lines, and "fingering numbers" on Tab lines.  To use a different note style you can either use the "alternate note style shortcut" (Alt+n, Alt+/, Alt+x, Alt+r, Alt+q, Alt+g, Alt+m, or Alt+c ); select Options|Note Style|Normal (etc.); or hit the appropriate symbol on the symbols toolbox:

Normal      Strum          Muted         Harmonic   Mini          Square    Triangle     X'd Circle
Alt + n      Alt + /         Alt + x        Alt + r       Alt + m      Alt + q    Alt + g      Alt + c 

After selecting an alternate note style every new note will be entered with the new style until the style is changed again.

Notes About Alternate Note Styles:

Multiple note styles can be used on each chord; see the manual for instructions on how to do this
The status bar indicates the current note style:
To enter an alternate note on a staff line, just hit the usual note codes ( q, h, t, etc.) or hit the appropriate symbols toolbox button
To enter an alternate note on a Tab line enter a fret number; if the note style is strum or muted it doesn't matter which fret number you enter -you can simply use "1" and a / or x will show up
You can change the note style of an existing note by selecting it (Shift + L/R Arrow key is efficient) and then hitting the note style shortcut or clicking on the desired note style button