What kind of documents can MusEdit open (.tab, .bta, etc.)

Besides MusEdit documents  (*.med), MusEdit can also open these text documents:
Extension     Type
   .txt           Any text document, the kind usually edited with Window's Notepad, for example.
   .tab          Text-tab documents created by TabWrite (and...?  please E-mail Yowza Software)
                   These documents have tablature written with text characters.  MusEdit can easily
                   translate these to graphical tab (and then to treble, if you wish) see Working with text files.

   .bta          Bass text-tab documents.  Text-tab documents for bass lines.  See Translating .bta files to Bass Tab.
                   for tips on using MusEdit to translate these to graphical Bass Tab (and then Bass staff).

   .pro          "Chord Pro" documents (?)  These have chord names embedded with the lyrics

   .crd         Chord(?) documents. These have chord names with lyrics.  The chord names can be
                  easily translated to chord diagrams with MusEdit (see  Working with text files ).

MusEdit can also import MIDI files:

   .mid       A type of sound file which will play with Windows Media Player.  MusEdit will
                convert this type of file to notation if you drag and drop the file on the MusEdit
                window, or if you select it via File | Import | Midi File

and .abc files

   .abc      A text file in which treble music is encoded via standard alphabetic codes