How to Update MusEdit for Free!

How current MusEdit customers can obtain the latest MusEdit update for free...

    One or two times per year all MusEdit customers are notified when a new update to MusEdit is available.  A message is sent which describes the latest changes and provides detailed instructions for downloading and installing the newest version.  If you are a MusEdit user and you haven't received one of these update notices in a while you should let us know about it!  We use the e-mail address supplied when you originally placed your MusEdit order, so if your e-mail address has changed since then (and you didn't let us know about the change) please send us your new address now by writing to Yowza Software at .  Please provide your name and, if possible, your customer or invoice number, plus your new e-mail address so we can update our database.

    If you want to download the latest release of MusEdit at no charge please send your request to along with your name, plus a customer or invoice number, or your address - anything which will allow us to check our database to confirm that you have purchased MusEdit in the past.  We will send you detailed download and installation instructions.  If you wish to order a full update package ( with the latest installation CD, printed manual with over 280 pages, plus other things ) you can do so for only $25 plus postage.  Let us know if you are interested in ordering a full update package and we'll send ordering instructions.

  Yowza Software, P.O. Box 4275, Berkeley  CA  94704  USA 800-234-0427