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Using MusEdit for... Teaching Music

    "I teach guitar full time with over 90 students a week, and have all my lessons scored with MusEdit. I have a computer and laser printer in my studio so I can print a lesson in seconds and spend more time showing the student how to play. Iím running MusEdit 8 hours a day, 6 days a week in my studio. MusEdit by far makes the Best looking tab and is easier to use than any other program Iíve tried" - Ron Decker

Use MusEdit to create professional-looking lessons and exercises

    Prepare great looking lessons and print them out whenever you need a copy.  The flexibility to mix text and music makes it easy to create lessons for any instrument, and in any style you want.  Give your students printed lessons and/or give them to your students electronically.  Using the free MusEdit Viewer your students can print out and play back lessons, exercises and musical selections.  

    MusEdit also makes it easy to run a music teaching web site, where you can post your lessons as images and/or downloadable files.

MusEdit Implements Ad-Tab Fingering Symbols:

   Standard tablature indicates which fret and string should be used to play notes, but it does not provide any information about which finger on the fretting hand should be used to play the notes.  Ad-Tab (ďAdvanced-TabĒ) is a system for enhancing standard tablature to show this fingering information in an easy to see manner, as in this example:  

This system of symbols is useful for beginning students - it shows them how to fret the notes, and it also makes the score fun to look at!  Click here for more details about Ad-Tab in MusEdit.

Free MusEdit Viewer - for students who don't own MusEdit...

    Because MusEdit comes with a free Viewer, teachers can prepare their lessons in MusEdit format and give them to students to view, print out and playback - even if the  students don't have their own copy of MusEdit:  


Student Discount for Teachers! - in case your students DO want to own MusEdit...

    If your students express interest in owning a copy of the program you use to create the great-looking lesson handouts you'll be creating with MusEdit, you might want to take advantage of this offer: 

    After paying $79 for your own copy of MusEdit you can purchase additional copies for your students for only $35 per copy!  Your students will be able to have the full MusEdit package, including the printed manual, at a discounted cost (whatever you want to charge).  Site licenses are also available for schools.  To order student discount packages or site licenses, please send e-mail to Yowza Software (



Teaching and Lesson Samples:

(Note! Printed images will not have the jagged lines seen in these screen shots! See FAQ-Appearance)

Arpeggios-StudyInBMinor-AdTab.png (24492 bytes)

Guitar Arpeggios

BassLesson-StickItMag.png (8966 bytes)

Bass Lesson

ChordMelodyLessons.png (14753 bytes)

Chord Melodies

Major Scale and Modes

ChordStudiesForTrombone.png (9456 bytes)

Chords for Trombone

DanceBeats1-5.png (5143 bytes)

Drum Dance Beats

DrumLesson-ArtOfBoogaloo.png (8951 bytes)

Drum Lesson - Art of Boogaloo

Drum Lesson - Drum Perfect

Funk If I Know

GuitarFretboardDiagrams.png (2281 bytes)

Guitar Fretboard Diagrams


"I'm using MusEdit to create all the lessons that will be featured on the web site... I really don't know where I would be without the program...." Steve

" It has helped me immensely in creating lesson documents." - Chad Daniels

"I can't tell you how much I love MusEdit. I am thinking of posting some guitar lessons on my web space... "- Jim Adams

"I will turn my students on to this program (I'll make it part of the material requirements for the classes)... the tutorial built into the program is so well laid out it makes it pretty easy to get started (good job)" - T.C. Deane

"I found it to be a priceless enhancement to the curriculum."  -  Bill Maxwell.

"I'm very excited about having an easy way to produce easily readable and reproducible guitar tablature for both myself and my guitar students." - G Davidson



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