MusEdit Features - Bass

Using MusEdit for... Bass Guitar Notation

    MusEdit can handle 4, 5 or 6 string bass, in any tuning.  All of the musical features of MusEdit
for treble instruments and Tab work identically on Bass staffs, including pick directions, accents,
slides, etc.


Samples of Bass Scores:

(Note! Printed images will not have the jagged lines seen in these screen shots! See FAQ-Appearance)

BlisterSun.gif (18723 bytes)

Blister in The Sun
Violent Femmes

Caffeine.gif (9108 bytes)

Faith No More

RightFoot.gif (20158 bytes)

The Right Foot

SixAppeal.gif (19403 bytes)

Six Appeal
Bass Player Article

Bass - Sixteenth Note Funk.png (15668 bytes)
Sixteenth-Note Funk
from "Bass Playing Techniques"

Bass and Drums - Yo Me Songo.png (31243 bytes)

Yo Me Songo
from Urban Grooves for Bass and Drums

For more Bass samples, please check out the Bass section in the Music Library


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