MusEdit Features - 7 and 8 String Guitar

Using MusEdit for... 7 and 8 String Guitar

    MusEdit can handle 7 and 8 string guitar notation just as easily as it handles notation for standard guitars, with all the same features - tablature in any tuning, translation from treble to tab and vice versa, ability to create chord diagrams, translation between tunings, etc.  

    As with any MusEdit score, if you open a score containing custom-designed seven or eight string chords you will have the option to import those chords.  Here is the "chord scan dialog" showing examples of seven string chord diagrams which can be imported to your personal chord dictionary:


This is the chord designer, here set up for seven string chords:


...and in this case set up to design 8 string chords:


    Here are some 8 string chords created with the chord designer:


    Here is an example of a couple of lines from a score consisting of a simple melody with 7 string harmonizing chords for each note (arranged by Robert Conti ):




Samples of 7 & 8 String Guitar Scores:

(Note! Printed images will not have the jagged lines seen in these screen shots! See FAQ-Appearance)

Satin Doll for 7 String Guitar.png (6014 bytes)

Satin Doll




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