MusEdit Features


    MusEdit offers an amazing number of features to meet all of your notation needs:

Entering Music
Fourteen Line Types - Treble, Bass, Tab, Bass Tab, Drum, and many others
Very Flexible Format - Create a score with only Tab, Tab + Treble, Chords + Lyrics, Text in any font, or any other combination needed; mix text with any types of lines naturally, just like in a word processor
Many Musical Symbols - Over 150 different musical symbols: musical, guitar, drum notation,   triplets, alternate endings, crescendo/decrescendo, lines, boxes, etc., 8 Note styles
Five Ways to Enter Notes and Symbols - Drag & drop, click on symbol, computer keyboard, virtual fretboard/keyboard, live Midi input
Fourteen Symbols Toolboxes - Two "general purpose" toolboxes, and many others for specific types of symbols
Automatic Entry Options - Auto-bar entry, auto-joining, auto-line wrapping, auto-stem direction
Beaming (Joining) Notes - Automatic joining, or manually select and join/unjoin
Sophisticated Selection, Cutting, And Pasting - Select, copy, and paste a measure in multiple lines,  automatically translate treble to/from tab when pasting, paste into text documents
Insertion Shortcuts - Use a single keystroke to insert chords, joined note groups and measures
Movable Symbols - Move notes, symbols, tab fingering after entry, finely position most symbols
Line Groups - Multi-Instrument scores with up to twenty instruments / voices, automatically translate between line types in grouped lines, label each instrument, bracket instrument groups
Up/Down Tails on Tab - Tab looks just like standard notation, with up / down stems, multiple voices, joined notes, etc.; or hide note stems completely
Line-Wrapping - Wrap music to fit staff length after it has been entered
Viewing the Score
Hiding lines - To simplify complex scores hide any kind of line(s) with the push of a button
View a Magnified Version of the Score - For easier symbol entry and reading during performance
Bar numbering - Show or hide bar numbering to see where you are in the score
Show Page Breaks and Margins - To see how the score will be printed out on each page
Very Accurate Print Preview - For a precise preview of the printed version
Label, Indent, and Adjust Space Above and Below Lines
Ad-Tab fingering symbols:  can be shown in different styles 
Chord Dictionary - Over 8,700 guitar chords in built-in dictionary; add chords you design to the dictionary for use in any score 
Chord Designer - Design chords for any 4, 5, or 6 string instrument, with up to seven frets
Scan for New Chords - Simply open a score with new chords and the new chords will be added to your chord dictionary (if you wish)
Variable Size Chord Diagrams - The size of chord diagrams in a score can be changed to make them easier to see from a distance, or in dimly lit conditions.
Musical Tools - Translation, Tranposition, Shifting Fret Position, Scrolling, and more
Simultaneous Translation and Entry
Translating between line types
Audio Samples
Alternate Stringed Instrument Tunings
Transpose (including by Octave )
Keyboard to Tab/Treble Translation
Shift Fret Position
Virtual Fretboard / Keyboard Show Fingering During Midi Playback
Guitar and other Stringed Instrument Features
Any Tab Tuning for 2 - 8 String Treble or Bass Instruments
Virtual Fretboard
Chord Diagrams
Fretboard Diagrams
42 Guitar-specific Musical Symbols
Control Over Playing MIDI - Start/Stop anywhere, loop over parts of a score, single step through a score, adjust playback tempo and loudness
Alternate Endings, D.S. al Coda, Repeats
Drum Lines - create Drum Machine sounds
MIDI Instrument Assignments/Loudness
Import / Export MIDI Files
Live Midi Input
Text to/from Notation Conversions
Copy notation to clipboard, paste into text files
Auto-translate text-tab
Translate text-tab Tab, ABC-text to Treble, and vice versa
Translate chord names into diagrams
Import / Export
Text Files - Open Text Files as MusEdit
ABC Notation
Graphic Images - for e-mailing or posting on web sites
Printing and Page Layout
Very accurate, sharp printing
Powerful Print preview
Margins, Page Numbering, Page Breaks
Print Alert
Window Position and Size, Start Folder, Print Options, 
Symbol Entry, Undo, Toolbox, View, Autosave Options
Default font for Text, Tab, Chord, Triplets, and Staff Text
Adjustable Tab Staff Spacing, Default Tab Tuning, and other Tab Options
Translation, Scrolling, Import / Export Options
Numerous Midi Playback / Midi Input Options
Other Handy Features, and Great Customer Service Too!
User-Friendly Interface - with toolbars, floating tool tips, informative status bar, etc.
Drag and Drop - to open or import files
Keyboard Shortcuts for almost every action
Autosave, Undo, Redo, Read Only mode
Extensive Help file
284 Page Printed Manual - A real book, which you can read and consult any time, anywhere!
Free MusEdit Viewer for anyone who wants to view, play back, and print out your musical scores
Lifetime Free Upgrades by Electronic Download, or inexpensive update package with new CD, manual
Free Technical Support by E-mail or Toll Free Number




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