Ad-Tab Fingering Symbols


The Ad-Tab Concept

    Standard tablature indicates which fret and string should be used to play notes, but it does not provide any information about which finger on the fretting hand should be used to play the notes.  Ad-Tab (“Advanced-Tab”) is a system for enhancing standard tablature to show this fingering information in an easy to see manner, as in this example:

    In a score enhanced with Ad-Tab the digits on the tab staff are encircled by colored symbols with the following meaning:

Symbol Color Meaning "F" Key
Red 1st, or Index finger F1
Green 2nd, or Middle finger F2
Blue 3rd, or Ring finger F3
Pink 4th, or Pinky finger F4
None None Open string, or no fingering specified F6

Ad-Tab Symbols are useful for:

- Beginning guitar players who need to be shown which fingers to use on the fretboard

- Advanced players, when complicated or unusual fretboard fingering is used

- Non-Fingering information, such as teaching musical theory by showing scale root notes

    The Ad-Tab concept was designed by Ad-Tab International.  To learn more about Ad-Tab and Ad-Tab International (eg. licensing information) please go to: the Ad-Tab Int'l Web Site.


MusEdit and Ad-Tab

    With MusEdit it's easy to enhance any standard Tab score with Ad-Tab symbols.  The tab digits should be entered first (either a few notes at a time, or the whole score), and then the Ad-Tab symbols added afterward.  To add an Ad-Tab symbol, place the caret immediately to the left of a Tab digit and then hit one of the “F” keys on the computer keyboard, as shown in the table above. Use the arrow keys to quickly move from one digit to the next.  To change an existing fingering symbol to a different one simply hit the “F” key for the new symbol.  To clear a fingering symbol hit the F6 key.  

    Ad-Tab fingering can be hidden, shown as “outline” symbols, shown with symbols in full color, or shown only as color digits via the View | Ad-Tab menu:

      The full color view is easiest to see and best for learning a new piece.  The outline view is good for black and white views of a score enhanced with Ad-Tab symbols. Color digits are useful when a score would be too crowded if symbols were used.  If a color view of a score is printed in black and white, the printout will automatically be done in “outline” style.

Color Symbols:

Black and White Outline Symbols:

Color Tab Digits:

No Ad-Tab Symbols:

Samples of Ad-Tabbed Scores:

(Note! Printed images will not have the jagged lines seen in these screen shots! See FAQ-Appearance)


AintGot-AdTab.png (21767 bytes)

Ain't Got

ArkansasTraveler-AdTab.png (13013 bytes)

Arkansas Traveller

Arpeggios-StudyInBMinor-AdTab.png (24492 bytes)

Arpeggio Study

Blackbird-AdTab.png (36607 bytes)


Korn-Riff35-AdTab.png (4242 bytes)

Korn Riff #35

SailorsHornpipe-AdTab.png (18192 bytes)

Sailor's Hornpipe

TurkeyInTheStraw-AdTab.png (18138 bytes)

Turkey In The Straw

TwinkleLittleStar-AdTab.png (15242 bytes)

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

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