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"Helping you preserve the story of your life"
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We turn this:

Your random collections of stuff from your life
  • boxes of photos
  • bundles of old letters
  • diaries, journals, documents
  • film, video, cassettes, CDs, DVDs
  • books, magazines, newspapers
  • mementos, ticket stubs, scrapbooks

Into this:

High quality digital images and video files which can be:
  • saved on laptops, portable storage, and
    "the cloud" (very safe storage on the internet)
  • freely copied and given to family and friends
  • browsed on any computer or smartphone, anywhere
  • organized by date, location, friends, and other ways
  • made into a timeline, website, or social media site
  • used to create a video biography of your life
  • safely preserved forever!

Archiving - not just for museums, this is personal archiving!

How often do you look at photos buried in boxes in the attic? When is the last time you read an old letter or diary? Maybe you wanted to, but the thought of digging through boxes and trying to find the thing you're looking for makes you give up before you even start.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have every photo, letter and memento at your fingertips whenever you want, easy to browse, easy to search, and easy to share with others?


I'll help you accomplish that. My name is Doug Rogers, and preserving memories and creating life narratives has been a passion of mine for decades.

Services Provided

Digital Imaging
  • prints, negatives, slides
  • photo retouching and restoration
  • diaries, journals, documents
  • home movies, videos, CDs, DVDs
  • books, magazines, newspapers
  • mementos – photos or 3D virtual reality
Personal History
  • photo captions/stories
  • personal timeline/life history
  • map life/work/travel
  • family tree/chronology
  • audio narration
  • video biography/documentary
  • “hard copy” bound and printed albums/binders
Video Biography
  • life and family history
  • trips and adventures
  • passions and interests
  • different editorial styles and options
  • we can provide subtitles, narration, original music, video effects
Computer Services
and Tutoring
  • computer and smartphone basics: (Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • introduction to social networking (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • blogging (Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.)
  • safe storage: hard drive, USB, “the cloud”
  • presentation on web pages
  • photo editing
  • Google Docs, Drive