My rates:
4 hours or less: $25/hr
after 4 hours: $20/hr

Handyman tasks I can do for you

Install, Attach, Build
  • Attach shelves, etc. to walls
  • Build shelving, storage spaces
  • Install curtains, drapes, blinds
  • Assemble furniture (eg. Ikea)
  • Plumbing (clogs, leaks, drips)
  • Appliances and furniture
  • Windows, doors, closets
  • Bicycle tune-ups, repairs, customize
  • Computer help (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Phone help (Android, Apple, others)
  • WiFi, printers, other hardware
  • Websites (HTML, Wordpress, JS, PHP)
  • Moving (boxes, appliances, rent UHaul)
  • Painting (walls, trim, objects)
  • Wiring lights, change flourescents
  • And many other tasks...